The health benefits of yoga

If you’ve ever seen yoga in action, then you might think of it as a bunch of hippies on the floor and stretching in a bunch of weird positions, but it’s so much more than that. If you open your mind to yoga, you will see exactly what it is capable of and just why it is so popular. In addition to weight loss, and being fitter in general, there are even more things that you need to consider. There are many health benefits to yoga and here are just some of them.

  • Builds strength

Yoga is ideal for building your body strength and this doesn’t just mean you will look more toned, you will also be reducing your likelihood of injury, eliminating back pain and can also protect from conditions like arthritis.

  • Reduces blood pressure

If you have a high blood pressure, try a gentle exercise like yoga. There have been several studies into this and it has been proven that yoga helps to reduce blood pressure. This is good for day-to-day health and it could also reduce your chances of a serious illness in later life.

  • Boosts happiness

Yoga is known to increase your mood and I mean, who doesn’t want to be happy? The activity is known to increase serotonin levels, which is basically the feel-good hormone. Those who practice yoga often (I believe the correct term is yogis) have an increased feeling of happiness and overall peace.

  • Helps you focus

Yoga doesn’t just help you focus while you are doing the moves but in all areas of your life. It can improve reaction time, coordination and even memory. Fit yoga into your life on a regular basis and you are sure to be generally sharper, with a drive to do well in all areas and actually achieve what you want.