Tips for mindfulness

Mindfulness is not something that is necessarily easy to achieve. There are many books, podcasts etc. on the matter, but still, some people struggle to get it right. You probably know the basics of mindfulness by now but let’s look at some tips and tricks on how to achieve it.

Many of us are very busy and feel like we have to be DOING something in order to be productive while this just isn’t true. Instead of doing, concentrate on living, just being. A trick that can help you to achieve this is by concentrating fully on your breathing. Take a few minutes and pay attention to your breath as you breathe in, you can close your eyes while you do this if you prefer. Feel your breath travelling through your body, filling up your lungs, feel the rise and fall of your chest.

Tune into your senses as you do something. For example, when you are eating, really concentrate on the task at hand and remove any distractions. Taste the food, smell the food, feel the texture of the food. In addition to helping you practice mindfulness, this should improve your health by making you become more aware of what you are consuming.

A lot of thoughts come and go throughout the day but keep in mind that you do not need to react or even worry about these thoughts. Let them in but just allow them to pass through like clouds and don’t dwell on these thoughts because this could make you have an unnecessary bad day.

Notice what activity you are doing when you tend to zone out. Is it when you are working, watching tv, driving or something else entirely? Practice mindfulness even more when you are doing this particular activity to stop it from happening as often.